quality 3d scanner

3D Laser Scanner and CMM Toutch Probe

Aza Absolute by using the co-ordinate measuring machines ( CMMs ) & 3D laser scanner with right selected equipments to get the very best out of inspection., capturing the shape of physical parts appears as millions of points called a “point cloud” on the computer monitor., gathering up to 750,000 points per second with high accuracy to +/- .0005 inches equal to +/-0.0127mm, which that means four times small than a human hairs, to generate highly accurate PCD, and after post processed with special software to create parametric solid work (3D CAD model) to be inspected & compared to our engineer’s CAD nominal data. The result of thiscomparison process is delivered in the form of a “color map deviation report,” which pictorially describes the differences between the scan data and the CAD data to review whole process & to do revising in case of necessary and present you the extremely strong and durable parts with a high European technic that they are extremely high resistance against which all specific mechanical shocks. On intense quality control program our expert engineers provide one of the strongest assurances of product quality available. Azaabsolute’s parts engineered to provide dependability and peak performance. They are selected because they meet aza absolute’s tolerances and exacting specifications.

quality 3d scanner

3d Scanner

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