AZA Absolute Piston


Aza Absolute uses Raw materials, from the ingots of aluminium alloy to special molding tool coatings, are the best available; this is the result of years of research and testing. Aluminum alloys are guaranteed by certificated suppliers and verified by regular visual inspection and metallurgical analysis. The entire foundry processing takes place in-house, starting from the alloy preparation phases to molds setup and pouring.

Degassing involves making use of inert gasses such as nitrogen in order to eliminate the presence of hydrogen in the molten aluminium, which singularly serves to reduce the risks of both shrinkage and gas porosity defects.

Molten metal is accurately prepared following crystal and well-rehearsed procedures for a high quality pouring material. Special instruments are used to ensure the correct execution of correct operations. Each oven is equipped with a real-time temperature control.

Aza Absolute have structured an internal sampling quality inspection protocol to ensure every batch of pistons to have the desired quality level. We keep investing in ultimate tools to improve what we proudly feel is our products main feature: quality.

Aza Absolute laboratory is equipped with latest generation instruments specifically addressed for the measurement and test of every dimension and shape of the pistons we produce; a new 3D vision system has been recently introduced for the analysis and reverse engineering of cylinders heads for the design of perfect fit pistons.

Aza Absolute Manufactures metallurgical analysis relying on a specialized partner laboratories:
. Metallurgical and micrographic analysis of Aluminium alloy and cast iron piston rings.
. Radiographic analysis.
. Nikasil coating layer analysis.

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