AZA Absolute Piston Rings



Piston ring causes, significant frictional , losses in engines, while being subject to added wear as a result of rising ignition pressures and exhaust gas recirculation. For this reason, a wide variety of anti-wear coatings offer potential improvement.Aza absolute’s piston ring “fitting the piston.” It extends to providing intricate ring and groove combinations, our high strength materials and special coatings to meet unique operating applications. Aza Absolute’s engineering expertise Guarantees the right rings, or ring sets, for diverse and demanding diesel engine applications. A Bench-Mark Trial Has Shown That Aza Absolute ( AAE ) Is Among Best Solutions In A Comparison With The Most ImportantStand And Coating Offer Potential Improvement.


Aza absolute’s high chromium steel developed for applications requiring high resistance to wear or to abrasion and for resistance to heavy pressure rather than to sudden shock. Because of these qualities and its non-deforming properties, It is primarily an oil-hardening steel, and it hardens to a great
Aza Absolute’s Ceramic Chrome is a special type of coating consisting of A mix of hard chrome filled with non metallic ceramic particles to reduce Friction between rings and liners, minimize wear and extend ring’s life. Ceramic Chrome enjoys superior characteristics over conventional hard Chrome such as low coefficient of friction, good thermal stability, good wear resistance and better scuffing resistance.


- To prevent the air/fuel mixture from escaping the combustion chamber.
- To prevent oil from contaminating the combustion chamber.
- To Transfer heat out from the piston to the cylinder wall and ultimately into the cooling jacket.

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