How Businesses Benefit from Custom Software

How Businesses Benefit from Custom Software

Off the shelf (OTS) business software products are ideal for the needs of an average business. The products are designed to include applications that can be used for scheduling, creating reports, keeping track of finances, inventory management, and some marketing efforts. The focus is on business similarities with a few customization options. The flexibility of packaged software is severely limited.


Most businesses will find that operations and procedures align well with this minor software investment. A few adjustments may have to be made, but the cost and convenience makes that well worth it. Software as a Service (SaaS) is also a low cost options for businesses in certain industries. This software is typically specific to a group of underserved business owners who struggle with inefficiency due to OTC products.


A SaaS Example


Those operating businesses relating to custom apparel, for example, can find SaaS that caters to the unique needs of that industry. Accurate sizing charts, special fonts for machine embroidery, or applications to aid in the design of custom graphics that are not available on standard OTS software, are offered through SaaS products. The technical assistance and automatic updates are advantages over packaged software.


Why Invest in Custom Software?


With software programmer and low cost options available, why would a business invest the time and money into Custom Software Development? Working with a custom software developer to explain business operations, meet with department supervisors, and define desired outcomes can take two months or more. Another several months is required for development time, and then there is installation and training. The process, depending on the size and needs of the business, can take up to eighteen months.




The costs associated with custom software development are not minor. Custom software is a substantial investment for any business. In some cases, the total costs can be in the five figure range. What makes the time and expense worth it to a business are the massive improvements in productivity, efficiency in procedures, and a system like no other.




The one-of-a-kind software can be used to edge out the competition, become innovative in product creation or service delivery, and save the business time and money over the long-term. sw developer will be eliminated, which will add up quickly for a large business. The system will not be obsolete in a few years, so money is saved on replacement software. The consistency and ease with which procedures can be streamlined among departments, locations, or branches will save time and energy.