Aza absolute’s Automation Systems is also a pioneer in fine boring technology. By enhancing our technology leadership with ongoing advances, we stay a step ahead of the competition. Customers benefit from tolerances of less than 0.005 mm, with extremely high process capability. AAE’s advanced machines, allows us to be fully capable in meeting the toughest of production demands DMG paves the way for new level of high-speed machining with top-class precision machines, with 3 to 5 simultaneous axes. Linear torque technology in all 5 axes with accelerations of > 2g as well as spindle speeds up to 42,000 rpm., stand for highest dynamics, and allow the shortest machining times with absolute stability, the best possible surface quality Ra < 0.000008 inches equal to ( 0.2µm). And the highest positioning accuracy

< 0.0002 inches equal to ( 0.00508mm).


The most important point to generate the tough piston rings is essentially rectangular cross section or a keystone (right angled trapezoidal ) cross section. understanding current ring developments first requires a brief overview of piston ring function. A piston ring set must do three things: prevent the air/fuel mixture from escaping the combustion chamber, prevent oil from contaminating the combustion chamber, and transfer heat out from the piston to the cylinder wall and ultimately into the cooling jacket


Aza absolute’s parts got extremely strength – ductility & wear resistant against any stresses during peak operations.







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