Aza Absolute’s coating is a specialist in innovative coating solutions. Among its core technologies are low-friction coatings for functional surfaces, electroplated overlays coatings. Aza absolute’s High Tech Coatings AAE develops individual coating solutions for components to generate IGNEOUS parts & increase the parts life. Such as: PVD- Diamond like carbon - ceramic chrome - Plasma sprayed molly - special hard chrome – MoS2 – DFL-1 . These coatings ensure maximum service life and optimum functionality.


Aza Absolute’s coating technology that allows depositing of a well film onto many different kinds of base materials. During the process, different metals which can be deposited - like titanium , chrome & etc – evaporate in a vacuum atmosphere. Due to kinetic energy and a potential difference between the products, ions move on the surface where they condense creating the desired coating. PVD coating is particularly recommended for all those innovative quality products which require high chemical and technical features.


Aza Absolute’s parts got extremely strength – ductility & wear resistant against any stresses during peak operations .







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