Aza absolute’s Machining system provide a superior quality & Proven reliability and better performance with high precision. Aza absolute produce components which play an important role in determining an internal combustion engine's functioning and working life. They are used to support your truck, minimize friction during operation, and protect the parts against damage and breakdown. Aza absolute develops parts on an ongoing basis, so that even under extreme conditions our parts deliver top performance. We do the machining of inside & outside of our parts with G.A.P Series achieve highly accurate positioning even at high acceleration (max. 2.3G which means same speed as jet engine). that Combine inside and outside machining of parts due to NC control system & High-speed precision machining. Aza absolute’s machining workshop accredited by ISO 14649 specifies us to create the highest & absolute rigidity parts with simultaneous maximum contour accuracy and size accuracy on the parts.







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    AZA ABSOLUTE’S Machining Engineers.

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